Human Dust

by Deterior

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Deterior continues its angry, intense black streak.


released August 26, 2014

Andrew Arnold (guitar, bass, vocals, production)
Recorded and engineered in July 2014. Mixed and mastered from July–August 2014.

Cover photo by Nicholas Smale



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Deterior Columbus

Deterior is a one-man sludge metal / black metal project formed in Ohio around 2004.

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Track Name: Gnawing at the Pit
drawing the same lines in the sand
writing the same words in the dirt

I'm digging deeper down
filling these with rotten soil

I'm sinking to this level
where nothing can see me

rays refracted through the sum of tired hands
falling straight through the ocean's glass

no strength
no will
no doubt
no prey

I've walked down this same road too many times
enough to know there's nothing at the end

running backwards...
Track Name: Baptismal Song
bring the deluge
these dark waters rise
a torrent of human hate
come to judge the weak

take this path to end all suffering
see the wrath of one omnicidal

this salvation so pure
this unholy baptismal song

these tides are breaking
these oceans tear you down

my blood—break this covenant
my bond—blinded by fury
my word—spun from nothing
my sin—yet to be shed

a new way in this world
a place to call his own

we tore our throats for you
we sank into our hell
we tore our throats for all
we have but this to show...
Track Name: Epicycle
these orbs spin in endless waltz, a terrifying scale
throwing myself into the sun, they called it wisdom

be my guide
promise me
close your eyes
fade to black

when one reckless moment changes everything
staring into this endless rotting abyss

standing on this astral stair
black blood pours over
muttering sacred words
all consciousness gone

chained to this dank cavern
an eternally seething shrine...
Track Name: Ruin Is No Longer Enough
I look out on a landscape
of all that could never be

I look in to what madness
will always consume me

I should have left this world long ago
I should have emptied my mind on this sunless ground

when we beat our tiny fists
when we erase our own sanity
when we scream into the sky
when ruin is no longer enough...
Track Name: Human Dust
when the bombs fall, there will be no mercy—only human dust...
Track Name: A Lesser Autumn
let the frame of this construct collapse
let the remains be forgotten
let the leaves blanket this earth
let her memory be lost

you said "don't leave me"
then you were gone

we drove through fertile fields
we walked through living streets
we grasped this limb of the living sun

I want to bring you down
I want this made

standing by your grave
I remember how I became like you
staring into this void
I remember I will live forever...