by Deterior

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released January 27, 2009

Recorded and engineered by Deterior in new studio from July—September 2008, and in studio 205 from September 2008—January 2009
Mixed and mastered by Deterior in studio 205 in January 2009
On this record Deterior is Andrew Arnold: bass guitar, electric guitar, vocals, programming, sampling, lyrics
Cover art: Joslyn Cain (via flickr); edited by Deterior

Various sound samples used were kindly borrowed from the following:; freesound users patchen, inchadney, vipS, Syna-Max, freesound, Bansemer, alvarojmarquez, RHumphries;, Red Ice Creations, All content remains copyright © the original owner.



all rights reserved


Deterior Columbus

Deterior is a one-man sludge metal / black metal project formed in Ohio around 2004.

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Track Name: Syzygy
Careful when you come to reap
Insolence breeds impurity
Sacred bodies shift into line
What you were becomes charred
As phoenix rose so you will rise
A rebirth of renewal and ruin

You're holding it away

Tears from outside mark scars inside
Tears from outside keep you sane

You're stumbling into the cycle that was your downfall
There's no real in this reality but what chains us
Shame in the new light reveals the true self
That's how we are
Track Name: Solace
We met in a fever
Two lost in oblivion
Crouching under rain of debris and hate
The clouds all turn disease
Litters of those who fell cannot touch us as we transcend
Pray that everything will be alright
Pray that it will be alright

Lift your eyes to the sun and know
You will never see it again

If only we could recall
We would find solace
It lies in the simple things that we so often forget
Track Name: Tidal
I am coming
I am coming down
This is for you
This was always for you
When it came
It came in waves
It crashed down on me

In you I saw light
In you I saw myself
You were only a dream
Now I can't forget the way you looked at me
In you I saw light
In you I saw myself
You were only a dream
Now I can't forget

Now we will see it as it really is
Oceans below us
But we will never fall in

Not now
Not anymore

I am coming
I am coming down
I am coming
I am coming around
Track Name: Voyager
We move along the spokes
Sailing outward

Tethered orbiting each other we drift
Andromeda is dim on the horizon
Our souls stream out to it and we dream of light

Like a lonely pathway
I am home with you

In time what I have done will clear
My broken promise will disappear
In time what I have done will clear
I do all I can to save you
Track Name: New Truth
When can we find the reason for all our faults?
When can we find the new truth of this Earth?
When can we disappear into ourselves?
When can we find the new truth of this Earth?

The reason lies at the beginning
The truth lies at the end

Have mercy on us
We know not the cost
Have mercy on us
We are the lost