Men Like Gods

by Deterior

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released November 29, 2011

Recorded and engineered by Deterior in Studio 175 from September–October 2011
Mixed and mastered by Deterior in Studio 175 from October–November 2011
Remastered by Deterior in Studio 170 from May–June 2013

Cover art: Ivan Aivazovsky



all rights reserved


Deterior Columbus

Deterior is a one-man sludge metal / black metal project formed in Ohio around 2004.

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Track Name: Watching the Lid
It was your fault
This copper-fueled nightmare
I pulled off your mask
How putrid

As the flakes fall
And I crept through the sludge
A tiny beam
Entered our minds

I pray one day I'll be cured
I pray one day we'll be pure

You forgot I can see right through you
I can see right through to the sky

Track Name: Dead Revolution
All of these people, trapped in their fantasy
I built my fortress with these wooden arms

It won't take long to burn it away
The last dance of my descent
It won't take long to melt it down
It was never real anyway

This time — it's lies
Grabbing hands and jealous eyes radiate my lust

Breathing? I don't need it
I won't take the world on my back

This time — it's lies
Track Name: Replicant
Stepping over broken glass
Stretched into a nerve
Falling into the grinder
Twenty-two and I can't take any of it back

The more I learn, the less I know
Between the lines, it's draining, I can't take it
The more I learn, the less I know
What I wouldn't give to be alive again

One hundred seasons, a memory
Unless it's now that I'm asleep
Now there's no such thing as innocence
Bathe in ultraviolet

Come and see
We will be
Track Name: Everything Is Alright
If there was one day
I could clear my mind
If I knew a way
I could breathe in deep

Look on my works
Already I am the one who despairs
With a heavy hand
I wipe the dust and tears away

That I may live
That I may go on
That it could shine
As bright as you

Seeing, being alive
It's not what has come through
Dying, wasting this time
I don't believe in you

"Everything is alright"
That was a lie
"Everything is alright"

Every word is a sigh
Every song is a whisper
Grant me peace through all of this
Grant me a piece
Track Name: Crawl Space
Red tongues taste the air
Come and watch it with me
Drops of bullets on the ground and in your mouth

It's in the air
We don't know who we are
Who we'll never be

Spark hunger
Sunburnt eyes
Spark hunger

Grey lights fill this space
All is sanctified
Come with me and fall from grace
As English dies

The dust cakes thick
Blank eyes
In a crawl space

I won't die this way
I can't die this way
Track Name: Behind Red
Satisfied in my scheme
But you came and threw it all out
Drowning in my immolation
Comforting consonance slipping away

Rusting in the womb
Drowning in your spite
Choking on this debt
Kill in contempt

Tearing the skin back
Can't make me whole again
Tearing the skin back
Won't make it right with you

I want out
Take me out
Come move me
I'll be I

Satisfied in my scheme
But you came and threw me away
Track Name: Men Like Gods
Shelve it; the world has moved on
It's all graffiti and fading billboards
You see how it can turn from one day to one day
It's time to shut the gates, it's time to close yourself

We could stand up
We could show ourselves
We could hold on
We could... but why?

I don't know you anymore
Maybe I don't know myself

I'll pull you down, I'll make you feel again
It's been so long
For all this time, you've been dreaming
It all went wrong

A single hydrogen blaze
Washes out my eyes
It's just a cycle of "create and decay"
It's just a cycle
It's all so violent

We'll put all this to rest
We'll bury it in stories and moments
I'll tear out the scars
I swear I've changed, I've grown
We are both older than these words and these sounds
We are both younger than this life will ever be