Primitive Circuitry

by Deterior

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released June 29, 2010

Recorded and engineered by Deterior in Studio 205 from February–April 2010
Mixed and mastered by Deterior in studio 205 from April–May 2010
On this record Deterior is Andrew Arnold: bass guitar, fretless bass guitar, electric guitar, vocals, programming, sampling, lyrics
Cover art, photography: Drastic Actions

Various sound samples used were kindly borrowed from the following: ABKCO Films Inc.; British Lion Films; freesound users batchku, alchemical, inchadney, Greg Baumont. All content remains copyright © the original owner.



all rights reserved


Deterior Columbus

Deterior is a one-man sludge metal / black metal project formed in Ohio around 2004.

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Track Name: Cast of the Revelation
Step into brilliant light
After all this, I will just melt away
The swarm encapsulates my body
Devours my essence

Is one touch all it would take?
Is one touch enough?

Lying naked, forgotten
The sky has never looked so blue
Walking empty streets
All I think of... all I think of is you

I do not know pain
I do not know death
I do not know pain
I do not know your graceful hand

I will become
those who left us all behind

I do not know pain
I do not know fear
But I understand everything
Track Name: Lockout
Millions poured into the machine
Millions, but they never saw me
As I listened
Hundreds threw hungry hands to the sky

Together we cursed the machine

There was so much
We couldn't see
And what we didn't understand
We never could

Get on in...

No looking back
We've come too far
Track Name: A Grey Cell
When we turned out the lights
In your empty room
We won't look back
We won't look back

I asked myself why I came here
Even though you had been there all along

Lost in two oceans
A sea of remembrance
I'll never drown only for your sake

It won't seem too long
When we turn the lights back on
Track Name: Pyramid Lies
The words of the old gods
Were nothing more
The worlds of the new gods
Will set us free

When thousands of tiny lights are all it takes
It seems so wrong
When thousands of tiny lights are all it takes
It's gone too far

I open myself and let it all flood in
I open myself and a new life begins
Track Name: The Rhetoric Drain
On hands and knees
Everything looks different
On hands and knees
The result is the same

He tried to speak
But only a harsh whisper escapes his gaping jaw
He'd known it all along
Waiting to be emptied
He tried to speak
But only a harsh whisper escapes his gaping jaw
And as it happened
He dreamed of a different world

Find you inside
Why do you sigh?
Track Name: Primitive Circuitry
I had a dream about you
As we lay beneath the blazing sun
Engulfing our bodies
I realized that there are things that last forever

I had a dream about you
I had a dream about nothing
I had a dream about you
Soon I'll sleep again

Rewiring our circuitry
Rewiring, it can't be done
Track Name: Inheritance
Today I saw a nation fall
Today I ran from all I'd known
I saw the sky turn black
I saw misery in the streets

I saw fear
I didn't care
I saw death
I didn't care

Soon this will all be yours
The land of mediocrity
Do not weep for them
For they brought it on
Do not weep for them
They brought it on themselves