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jic Deterior is up there with Godflesh, and this is probably his best album yet.
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Deterior ends its brief hiatus and returns with a bit more honesty, a bit more authenticity, and a realer sound with a bit of a harsher touch.


released April 23, 2013

Recorded and engineered from January–March 2013. Mixed and mastered from March–April 2013.

Cover photography: Keith Roper



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Deterior Columbus

Deterior is a one-man sludge metal / black metal project formed in Ohio around 2004.

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Track Name: Diaspora
cast your remains, not born in sin
grant us refuge, let us in
stumble, crawl back from a ruined shrine
to which no one called

the end of all we knew has gone
screaming from the crevice
the end of all we loved has gone
lungs turned to vacuum

the all-hearing ear:
"you forget your own self
"you are a stranger in this place
"but I will become your own... become your own"

carve out my bones
re form my frame
carve out my bones
re form

a passive gaze
fingers never lifted
appeal to mankind, rejected in turn
Track Name: Artifacts of a Burning World
lay me down
cold black earth seeps into my skin
lay this soil
the only way we all become the same

all I create, dust in dirty water
all I see, faceless just like me
all I hear, murmurs from an empty space
all I am, a husk of life

can't escape with your identity intact
recognize the status quo, perverting the facts
can't begin to live without looking back
wasting away in this cell, complacency masked

biding my time
waiting for the moment
when I'll have the autonomy
to ease the pain

and yet it all feels so distant
turning meaningful moments
to a waste of my time

artifacts of a burning world
orbiting a burning sun

we'll all burn as well
useless echoes undone
Track Name: Rotten Dominion
wet and grey
close your eyes
just despise it all
Track Name: This Sacred Garden
once, we were so alive
we led each other to the well
washed the dirt from our hands
dreamed of what might be

I escaped the realm of this disguise
only to be trapped in another
I may learn from this mistake
only to be trapped in another

I will stay in this cabin but for a while
if only to brace for the cold
hidden deep in white hills
maybe you'll come back for me

soon I shall trudge to my demise... but tonight, we dance
soon I shall crawl to the chasm... but tonight, we dance

flickering lights illuminate a shrouded figure
an effigy to a song long past
rend this antimonument
then I might sleep in peace
Track Name: Torchbearer
shepherd me towards the light
the next shining path
outstretched hands grasp a new sun
shine lost to touches of dust

I have breathed my last where the starved linger
a new path rises under weary foot
guide me through this unsacred tunnel
bear your solemn torch

I will not bow before my corpse
I will not surrender to old egos
I will tear down my last shrine
I will take the passage

heal these wounds
these scars are all deserved
burn this trail
erase these recollections
digging deep
the last living part of me
where will we
come out in the end?

prying open this cavity
blinded by the surface
may you never settle
putting out the torch
luminance surrounding
may you always want